Rental And 33% Tax Program


Santee-Lynches rents quality, safe, decent and affordable apartments and houses to eligible low to moderate income households.  To be eligible, households must fall within the income guidelines established by HUD per household size.  This income level is subject to change each year and can be located by following this link

Rental units are located in or near to Bishopville, Columbia, Hartsville, Kingstree, Lamar,Lexington, Lower Richland, Manning, Marion, Orangeburg, Sumter,Turbeville, 

All rental units are leased for less than market rents and require a $500 security deposit. Criminal, credit and previous landlord Background Checks will be conducted and must be satisfactory evaluated and acceptable.


Santee-Lynches can provide a 33% tax credit for donated funds or in-kind property that provides the individual with a dollar for dollar South Carolina taxcredit.  This tax credit will offset State tax liability dollar-for-dollar. As an example; if an individual donates $10,000 to Santee-Lynches then the tax credit provided by Santee-Lynches would be $3,300.  This means that if that individual’s total tax liability is $5,000, they can use the tax credit to offset $3,300 of that and would only have to pay tax in the amount of $1,700.  If however the individual’s tax liability is only $1,000, then they can use the tax credit to offset the $1,000 each year for 3 years (up to 10-years) and not pay any taxes those 3 years.  During the 4th year they would have a $300 credit to go toward there State tax liability. 

For more informaiton about these and other programs, please do not hesitate to call our office.  We are always happy to assist you.