What is Community Development?

What is a CDC?  A CDC is a Community Development Corporation that builds or provides housing for members of the low to moderate income community. 


Most nonprofits do community work, i.e.meals on wheels, teen pregnancy prevention, Oliver Mission feeds the hungry,Santee-Lynches CDC provides quality, safe, decent and affordable housing at lower rates for eligible families.  We are all about Housing!!! 


5 Steps to Home 

Homeownership – you are closer to becoming a Homeowner than you think! 

Call our CDC to find out more – (803)436-0020


If you do what we say suggest, you can become a homeowner in 2 years or less.  


Need help with Rental Housing?  Santee-Lynches can help.  We rent more than 100 single family detached houses and 300 apartments in our 15 County Service Area. 


Housing is all Santee-Lynches does, so we are good at it. 

Call us to rent an affordable house or apartment.


Santee-Lynches CDC can help repair houses for very low income homeowners that qualify. 


Santee-Lynches is located at 255 Broad Street in Sumter, SC

Our Mission

Santee-Lynches Affordable Housing & Community Development Corporation was incorporared on April 8, 1992.

We are an independent, community based, nonprofit with a Mission to enhance communities by creating quality, safe, decent and affordable housing and other forms of economic opportunities that benefit low to moderate income individuals living in 15 county service areas in South carolina.


The CDC is a private, Independent. community based, not-for-profit with a 15 county service area.  Santee Lynches has an IRS 501(c)3 designation and is a recognized State and local CHDO.    The focus of the organization is renewable energy and innovative housing development that move familes toward homeownwership.